Life on Us - SBS

There are unexplored planets in our Solar System – strange worlds of bizarre creatures locked in a fight for survival. These unknown worlds are you and me. Each one of us is a walking ecosystem teeming with a wide variety of life forms in their trillions. These microbes have shaped our evolution and changed the course of human history. All of these microscopic residents determine our health, our life expectancy, our physique and even our behaviour.

Our hidden worlds will be illuminated by revolutionary special effects that combine world-first moving image electron microscopy with super-macro filming techniques, making the invisible, visible.

This two-part documentary series is packed with a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, awe, surprise and cutting edge science to challenge the very notion of who we are and how we exist in the unexplored complex ecosystems that make up all of us. 

We are born 100% human, but will die 90% microbial. Between these bookends of our lives, lies the unmapped terrain of LIFE ON US.

We are proud to have worked closely on this landmark project with Producer/Director Annamaria Talas and Executive Producer Simon Nasht. The program was produced at ZigZag Post, with editing by Nora Kovacs, Online and Grade by Rob Sarroff, sound design and mix by David Chapman and Derek Allan.